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          InformationWeek China Down Media Kit : PDF
InformationWeek China is launched in December 2004 with the mission that technologies drive business innovation.
* Our position: leading IT business publication
* Our mission: business technologies drive business innovation.
* Our goals: find the best IT support for innovative business (including management) models and find the best way to business realization for IT technology
* Our audience: high-level decision makers in non-IT industries/IT indus try,high-level technical officials in non-IT industries/IT industries/IT industry and decision makers in government
* Integrate technology with news,business and management
* Predictive & perspective
* Strong point of view
* Analyze business values on information technology in China and the ways to realize if in global perspective
* Encourage the innovation of technology and that of business & management pattern based on information technology.
InformationWeek addresses the four key knoel-edge areas business technologyexecutives need to make successful decisions.
* We thoroughly examine the Business & Customer Value of a wide range of technology products,trends,and services.
* We focus on Technology Architecture that helps our readers choose technologies,tools,systems,and strategies that map directly to their overall business goals
* We conduct ongoing Risk & Opportunity Assessment that lets our readers understand the potential impact, both negative and positive, that technologies can have on their business.
* We offer comprehensive Market Intelligence & Analysis that identify the most important priorities,trends,and issues in Business Technology.
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